Love Affair with    
Creep 2018  
 Kärma is back with a new, sensual visual for Creep 2018, featuring Soulfull. Together, they explore love and lust in an alluring track with tales of a passionate affair.
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Creep 2018 SOulma (1).00_02_20_03
Creep 2018 SOulma (1).00_01_26_08
Creep 2018 SOulma (1).00_01_20_03
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New Release
THREE the ep 
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Hailing from Jersey City, model, singer/songwriter, engineer, director Candice “Kärma” Peterson is rapidly making a buzz in the industry as the businesswoman we all love. With a powerful yet serenading voice, Kärma is someone you can’t get tired of hearing. Known for wearing many hats and captivating her audience with her voice, Kärma displays the true definition of ‘a force to be reckoned with’ that has complexity that cannot be categorized.


When Kärma released her debut project Life After Love in 2014, her artistry drew in the attention of many. Her collaborative project entitled i95 & Wi-Fi, released in 2016, swooned her fans with single releases such as Solstice & her playful visual Make Me Say. She followed up with the release of Sunny Side Up in late 2017, blowing her fans away once again. Releasing dynamic collaborative visuals with Homemade Films for hits Likkle More & Dysfunction, Kärma began to delve deeper into the visual world. Her most recent EP About Last Night, released in 2019, began with single “Easy”, depicting a vivid innocent love story.  During her growth, Kärma found her love for creating scenery and moments by directing music videos (including Depend on Me & Speak Up). 


In Kärma’s new single & video Break Off debuting September 25th, 2020 at 6PM, Kärma embraces the beauty and essence of being a powerful black woman of multiple facets. Embodying her elegance, attitude and sexiness in her dreamy yet intimate visual she allures the viewers alongside her soothing vocals and resonating lyrics. The song premieres on her new EP numerically titled, THREE which also debuts at 12AM on September 25th.  Karma gives us a twist of eloquence of R&B and a small spoon full taste of hip hop in her new single.


You just have to hear it for yourself, tune in.